Why It’s Better To Eat Natural Gummy Bears

Better Bears - Why it's better to eat natural gummy bears

Snacking is a regular part of the day for most people. We all have the potential to indulge in a delicious treat from time to time to satisfy our cravings. But it’s the types of foods we choose to snack on that make all the difference.

Some foods are manufactured using artificial ingredients and then there are those that are made with natural ingredients. If we eat too many artificially made foods that are loaded with sugar or carbohydrates, we are not making the best choice. On the other hand, eating more foods with natural ingredients and low sugar are better ways to get through the day. In fact, conscious snacking can actually control servings and portion sizes at larger meals like lunch or dinner.

What are gummy bears made of?

Gummy bears are one type of food that can be both good for you, and also not so good for you, depending on the type of gummy you select. Traditional gummy bears are made using sugar, starches, corn syrups, food colorings, citric acids, and other types of ingredients. These are examples of unhealthy gummy bears that increase the amount of sugar in your body, potentially exposing yourself to other unfavourable conditions.

In contrast, there are low sugar or sugar-free gummies that are much better snacking options. People who count calories or are worried about their sugar intake can still enjoy the sweet deliciousness of gummy bears by eating sugar-free gummies that won’t lead to any unfavourable conditions.

Are gummy bears bad for you?

Again, there are distinctions between natural and unnaturally produced gummy bears. Eating too many gummies with high sugar and artificial ingredients can cause potentially unfavourable conditions. Some of the more common symptoms can include headaches and constipation, but there can be occasional bouts of vomiting or diarrhea as well.

However, there are times when gummy bears are very good for the body. For example, swimmers and fitness enthusiasts can benefit by eating gummy bears after an intense workout. When muscles are strained from wear and tear, they require amino acids like collagen and other proteins to help repair the damage.

Sugar-free gummy bears are excellent sources of collagen that can help replenish your body’s supply of protein. This will help protect your muscles, bones, and joints from sustaining long-term damage from your workouts.

What are natural gummy bears?

What are natural gummy bears?

Traditionally, gummy bears have been mass-manufactured using artificial flavors, high concentrations of sugar, and other less than healthy ingredients. But companies like Better Bears have found a better way to produce gummy bears using natural ingredients.

Natural gummy bears are made using natural sweeteners to create a delicious gummy taste without overloading on sugars, starches, and carbohydrates. At Better Bears, our natural gummies are made using vegan, plant-based ingredients. Our process ensures that each bag of natural gummies contains only 50 calories and all of our gummies are made with only 1 gram of sugar apiece.

How to make natural gummy bears

At Better Bears, you can select from three pre-packaged versions of natural gummy bears to indulge your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. We have selections of Mixed Berry, Tropical Citrus, and Variety Pack natural gummy bears that provide the delicious fruity taste in a sweet and savory experience. If you want to snack guilt-free, these are among your best options.

However, some people prefer to make their own snacks, ensuring that they know exactly what types of ingredients are used to make their foods. We recommend you follow this recipe to make your own natural gummy bears if you feel so inclined. You can make as large of a batch as you’d like and treat yourself as you please.

Benefits of natural gummy bears

We’ve highlighted how natural gummy bears can help swimmers and fitness enthusiasts recover from especially trying workouts. Proteins and other amino acids contained within the gummies help the body’s muscles, bones, and joints recover from intense physical activity.

Some of the other benefits of natural gummy bears are that they’re largely fat-free and, with low counts of sugar, they’re also low in carbohydrates. People who want to keep an eye on their own weight by counting calories can indulge in natural gummies with zero guilt due to how they’re made and, most importantly, what they don’t contain.

Additionally, natural gummy bears have traces of vitamins and minerals. Gummies made by Better Bears use real fruit juices to recreate that delicious fruity taste, and fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body’s health.