Are Sugar Free Gummy Bears Good For You? Better Bears

When most people think of gummy bears, they think of a children’s snack that’s loaded with sugar and causing kids to bounce off the walls. But the reality is that there is a whole category of sugar free gummy bears that are great for both children and adults. In fact, sugar free gummy bears can even help people manage their appetites and consume their daily doses of required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

But what makes sugar free gummy bears distinct from your run-of-the-mill variety? What are some of the health benefits that come from eating these naturally sweetened gummies? That’s what we’re going to look at in this article.


At Better Bears, we pride ourselves on creating naturally sweetened, plant-based gummy bears. Our gummies are made for people who want a delicious treat that supports their healthy regiment, and you can locate one of our many stores to place an order of your own.

Our gummies are low in calories and contain only natural sweeteners to provide that delicious candy taste without compromising your health. We’ve also made a point to produce vegan gummies that support growing trends for plant-based foods. Health and wellness have become greater priorities for millions of people in recent years, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our products support this growing shift towards healthier snacking habits and greater quality of life.


Sugar free gummy bears can help relieve aches and pains in your joints. Sugar free gummies are a healthy source of collagen, a protein naturally produced by the body that helps regulate your body’s internal digestive system. The body’s naturally produced collagen also functions as built-in padding to protect our bones from rubbing against each other where they meet at the joints.

Over time, that collagen padding can erode if the body struggles to produce enough new collagen to replace that wear and tear. Therefore, foods like sugar free gummy bears increase collagen in the body, thereby helping regulate the body’s own proteins.


Better Bears boasts a wide variety of vegan gluten free gummy bears that will satisfy your taste buds and support your good health.

Mixed berry gummies

Honestly, who doesn’t love a package of mixed berry goodness? That’s what you’ll get with our Mixed Berry gummy bears, which are the perfect choice for zero guilt snacking. You’ll get the taste of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry flavours in each mouthful, and we can’t wait for you to try them out to your heart’s delight.

Tropical Citrus gummies

Everyone loves to experience the tropics, even vicariously through a delicious snack. That’s what we promise you with our Tropical Citrus gummy bears; a guiltless vacation from artificial treats for a taste of tropical delight. You’ll taste the citrus-like fruits of lime, orange, and pineapple with every bite so don’t miss out on this tropical sensation!

Variety Pack gummies

Why limit yourself in terms of flavour when you can have them all? Our Variety pack gummies combine all 6 of our delicious sugarless, gluten free, and plant-based gummies into one extraordinary package of tastiness. If you want to experience the best of what Better Bears has to offer, this is the healthy snack for you!


People who have made conscious choices to live healthier lives often have strict diets that they maintain. Additionally, many people prioritize time at the gym as a means of supporting both their physical and mental health with high-quality workouts that push the body and the mind to new limits.

Coming off of those workouts, the body requires a new supply of energy to make up for all of the carbs, glucose, and nutrients burned off during those workouts. Remember the point about the achy joints? Time at the gym is one of the most common causes of joint pain and aches, which is why a healthy amount of sugar free gummy bears can help restore collagen levels in your body.

While you shouldn’t eat a full bowl of gummies, a small pack of sugar free gluten gummies like those provided by Better Bears is the perfect post-workout snack!


If you’re going to go for a healthy snack, make sure you do it right. Real fruit gummy bears are made with natural, not artificial ingredients and they’re an excellent addition to your diet. You can still get the sweet taste of fruity deliciousness with each bag of gummies you eat without subjecting your body to loads of sugar or unnatural ingredients.

Sugar free gummy bears can be very healthy and helpful for your body and your mind. With the right intake, you can gain control of your snacking habits and give your body an excellent source of nutrients for the day.