How To Find Your Local Better Bears: Store Locator

Better Bears Gummies are the perfect snack, Better Bears are carried in a variety of locations across Canada. By using the Better Bears store locator you can find the real fruit flavour gummy bears nearest to you.

How do I find the nearest store near me?

When you click on the Better Bears' store locator and enter your address you’ll be taken to a list of Better Bears stores near you. Better Bears is the sponsor of some of the stores and they have made an effort to list their locations.

Is my city listed?

You can find a Better Bears store near you by entering your city below. The Better Bears store locator is country-specific, so the store location might not match up with your city.  *Note: If you live in the United States, your Better Bear store location may not include the city or state. You will have to look in the nearby Better Bears store locations listed below.

How do I find the nearest store near me?

Visit our store locator page to find the nearest store near you. You can search by location name or postal code to find the closest store. You can get to the store finder by clicking on the store locator button below.

What if I do not see Better Bears in store? 

If you do not see Better Bears in a store you will need to use our store locator to find the nearest store. You can also use the Better Bears finder by clicking on the Better Bear store locator button below.

With extensive research in the confectionery and gummy candy business, Better Bears proudly create only the finest flavours of gummy bear varieties available. Better Bears fruit gummy bears are made with natural ingredients and will make you smile, help you reduce hunger and blood sugar, improve your mood and give your imagination a boost.