Natural Gummy Bears vs. Artificial?

We all love our age-old, traditional gummy bears, don’t we? Initially created in Germany in the 1940s, they are one of the few candies that have maintained their status as people’s favorite candy.

But how well have traditional gummy bears actually stood the test of time? High in fructose corn syrup and other refined sugars, with very little nutritional value, traditional gummy bears have fallen out of favor for those who want healthier snack alternatives. And since traditional gummy bears also contain gelatin, an animal-based by-product, they’re avoided by vegetarians and vegans.

Introducing Better Bears vegan gummy bears. They’re all natural, plant-based gummy snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth without all the guilt.

Natural Gummies: The Solution

Like their name suggests, natural fruit gummy (also known as fruit gummy bears) do away with all the artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. And in the case of our Better Bears, we go the extra mile and use vegan, plant-based materials that don’t rely on any animal by-products like gelatine or beeswax to deliver a satisfyingly sweet treat. What’s more, better Bears natural gummies also have a lower calorie count and don’t rely on high-fructose corn syrup. That means you can still enjoy the squish and flavour of traditional gummy bears, but with all naturally occurring ingredients.

The Problem With Artificial Gummies

Traditional artificial gummy bears aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. In fact, there are several reasons why you should instead choose all natural vegan gummy bears.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Artificial Sweeteners

High-fructose corn syrup and refined sugars are the most common sweetening ingredients for many traditionally based sweets. Excessive consumption of these sweeteners have been linked to quite a few health problems, including increased cavities and diabetes. While limiting or reducing your intake of these sweeteners can help reduce the risk of health problems, there are other options available that are considered to be a much healthier option.

Gelatine and Beeswax are not Vegan/ Vegetarian

Many people may not know that traditional gummy bears and other gummy treats are not vegan or vegetarian-safe. The main ingredient that gives traditional gummy bears their signature squish is gelatine. Gelatine is an animal by-product that’s made by boiling down cartilage-rich parts of the animal until only the clear, jiggly gelatine is left. Beeswax is also commonly used as a coating, which involves the domestication of bees for their honey. Many vegans do not consider beeswax to be a vegan product. So, if you’re looking for a vegan and vegetarian-safe snack option, traditional gummy bears are not what you’re after.

Artificial Flavours and Colours

While the jury may still be out regarding exactly how safe the consumption of artificial flavours and colors actually is, many consumers have taken it upon themselves to reduce or remove these compounds from their diets entirely. A quick peek into the ingredient lists for many traditional gummy bear brands reveal that artificial flavours and sweeteners are part of the recipe. For those looking for more natural options, vegan gummy bears make a viable alternative to traditional gelatine based gummies.

Natural Fruit Gummies And Everything About Them

Natural gummies are fruit and plant-based. Fruit gummy bears are also advantageous over regular gummy bears as they are made with low sugar. They are the perfect vegan choice for you and all those around you.

Fruit Gummy Bears Are The Perfect Candies

One other distinction between natural fruit gummies and traditional fruit gummies is the means by which they acquire the red color that their gummies are coated with.

While the fruit gummy bears all derive all their colors naturally, the traditional gummies use the red color number 4 to give some of their gummies a red look. This red color comes from the cochineal scale.

A kind of beetle that is farmed and grown and then smashed into pieces. A paste is created to give the gummies their red color. Fruit gummy bears only use naturally occurring coloring agents and ensure no animals are harmed in their manufacturing process. Natural fruit gummies taste just the same, if not better, than the old gummy bears and have much cleaner manufacturing policies.

Natural Fruit Gummies Are Better

Fruit gummy bears are 100% natural. They are made keeping environmentally conscious people in mind and are entirely plant-based and also non – GMO based candies.

The complete plant-based recipe ensures that no artificial flavours are used in the production and is only naturally sweetened. Only some of these fruit gummies are actually sweetened anyway since most are low-sugar-based products. They only contain 1g of sugar. If that didn’t convince you already, let me tell you that they are also gluten-free. So you can enjoy as many fruit gummy bears as you like and not be worried about any weight gain whatsoever!

With environmentally sound compostable packaging, the packaging can be reused and easily recycled. Better Bears packaging is biodegradable.

Natural fruit gummies are by far the best kind of gummies there are. They are low-sugar candies, and no artificial flavouring is used in any of its manufacturing. They are all-natural and make your gummy eating experience as pleasant as can be.