Healthy Snacks For Kids: Gummies By Better Bears

When it comes to buying healthy snacks for kids, parents can often find it to be a balancing act between taste, nutrition and convenience. Some kids love fruits and vegetables, while others absolutely, positively do not. But fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet, so all kids should be eating them. That begs the question, how can parents make sure their kids are getting enough fruits and veggies, while still giving their kids snacks they’ll actually enjoy eating?

Gummy bears are a treat that have long been enjoyed by kids and kids-at-heart. But a quick read through the ingredients lists reveals that they’re definitely not the healthiest option out there. Luckily, there’s a new gummy bear in town! Better Bars come in cute animal bear shapes and are spongy to hold, giving kids a very attractive look, and satisfy your sweet tooth without all the processed sugars.  But how healthy are these Better Bears gummy bears? What are its side effects?  Are there any alternatives to it? Let’s find out!

The Traditional Unnatural Gummies

Traditional gummy bears were first made in the 1940s, and their shape was based on the street performing bears in Germany. They may be the sweetest candies but are incredibly harmful to your teeth and your kids’ teeth even more.

The ingredients in these gummy bears are sugars. When you eat them, the bacteria in your mouth break down these sugars present in the gummies and turn them into acids. These acids quickly eat away the enamel of your teeth through a process called demineralization and can  cause cavities.

Traditional  gummies also get stuck on to your teeth and thus prevent saliva from reaching that part of the teeth. Because of this, the acids in those parts are not washed away, and with the lack of saliva to remineralize, the teeth start getting rotten slowly and may even fall out if you’re not careful. In the case of kids, this process might even be faster, and you can never be too cautious.

In addition to these problems, the enamel wiped away by these gummies would have acted as insulation for your teeth. Without this insulation, your teeth would automatically become extremely sensitive to hot and cold substances and make it hard to chip or chew solid foods to make eating nothing more than an excruciating process.

If you or your kids use dental crowns, you should avoid gummy bears entirely since they stick to your teeth crown and make them loose, forcing you to go to the dentist again.

Many people believe that vitamin gummies are automatically a healthier option. However, it all depends on the sugar content. Some brands of vitamin gummy bears contain the same, if not more, processed sugars and so they have all the same problems listed above. 

So what are some healthy snacks for kids? Are there any healthy gummies for kids? Do we have any fruit-based food for them to have?

Healthy Snacks For Kids

As parents, naturally, you will do anything you can to protect your kids. Not just their teeth, but their fitness and nutritional intake as well. You would want to do as much as you can to ensure that happens. That includes some healthy alternative snacks for your kids as well.

Many parents choose vegan gummy bears as their preferred option for healthy snacks for kids. They’re lower in high-fructose corn syrup and other refined sugars than other gelatin-based gummy snacks. They’re vegan, do not contain gelatin and are made out of plant-based ingredients. And they satisfy that sweet tooth while still being lower in calories than many shelf-ready junk food options.

As parents, it is our responsibility to always be on the lookout for the best healthy snacks we can afford and provide for our kids. But what exactly are these healthy gummies for kids? Are our real fruit gummies healthy? 

Are Real Fruit Gummies Healthy?

Traditional gummies are considered by some to  be extremely unhealthy. They mess up your teeth, and the extra sugar is sure to cause a lot of problems to your fitness as well. When you finally decide on changing them, the solution is the real fruit gummies. They are shown to be  great  alternatives to traditional gummies.

How, do you ask? Simple. Fruit gummies are gelatin-freeThey are all naturally made and therefore are made with as little sugar as possible.

 They are entirely naturally derived and are best to give to your kids. Fruit gummies are non-GMO-based. They are sugar-free and gluten-free. Also, they are gelatin-free. And most of them come in compostable bags. They are taking over the world of gummy bears by storm, and soon, every kid will hold one in their hands. All colouring to the fruit gummies is naturally derived without affecting any animals or using any artificial means.

One primary ingredient that fruit gummies do not have is gelatin. It is a substance that gives a spongy feel to the gummies. This gelatin is made by slaughtering pigs and processing their skin. Therefore, most naturally made fruit gummy don’t have gelatin in them and instead use other plant-based methods to supplement gelatin.