Carefree Candy makes Snack Time a Breeze! 

Providing a well-rounded, nutrient dense diet is one of the best thing parents can do to support their child’s health. And yet, one of the biggest challenges for parents is ensuring optimal nutrition while still leaving room for fun and tasty snacks that children are excited to eat. Learn more about how Better Bears are more than your average gummy bear and why avoiding potentially harmful additives in our snacks is at the top of our priority list. 

All the Fun, Without the Sugar 

Sugar is a staple in the north American diet, and unfortunately, this is even more true for foods targeted at children. The ever-increasing addition of sugar to almost every child’s processed snack option has made it increasingly difficult for parents to effectively manage their sugar budget It’s one reason why, we’ve made it our mission to provide a tasty treat for children with up to 90% less sugar than traditional gummy bears. We're proud that each bag of Better Bears contains only a few grams of sugar

Ingredients that We’re Proud Of

At Better Bears, we believe that what gets omitted from our ingredient list is just as important as what’s included. You also won’t find any gluten, peanuts, artificial food dyes or questionable additives, making our gummy bears a school and travel safe treat for your kids. 

We did, however, keep the same sweet, chewy goodness that your children know and love. And, each bag of Better Bears provides over 60% of daily fibre intake – a critical carbohydrate that helps to control sugar cravings and benefits the gut microbiome! That’s what we like to call goodies for the gut!

Sustainable Snacking with Recyclable Packaging 

We pride ourselves on offering carefree snacks but we’re equally passionate about the environment. This is why Better Bears proudly offers Non-GMO,  plant-based that comes in recyclable packaging. 

We recognize that there is more work to be done which is why we are striving towards obtaining a B Corp certificate in the near future. Follow us @betterbearsfoods to stay in loop on our efforts to become the carefree candy company that cares for the health of our planet. 

Effortless Snack Time to Parent with Ease 

Better Bears offers a highly snackable, meltdown-solvable & lovable solution to your children’s snack time needs. It’s a classic treat that your children know and love, but without excessive sugar, questionable food dyes and unnecessary additives. Help protect their sugar budget! Keep a bag of Better Bears in your back pocket because you never know when you’ll need them most

PS: They’re also handy to have around in case you want to sneak a bag in for yourself!