Better Bears Elevate Your Snack Game!

Our mission has always been to help snackers to indulge with abandon and provide a low sugar treat that curbs cravings. Learn more about what make Better Bears the better candy and your perfect sweet treat.

Better Bears are Non-GMO and Free of Refined Sugars

GMO corn is an extraordinarily hardy and cost-effective crop that is a source for many refined sugars, such as glucose and/or corn syrup.  Many traditional candies contain glucose syrup which can lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar. Consuming products made from GMO corn also indirectly supports the use of GMO resistant herbicides in farming. 

Non-GMO Better Bears does better with natural sweeteners such as stevia, fruit, and vegetable juices. We’ve crafted a candy to curb cravings, without the blowing your sugar budget!

Plant-Based Gummies without Gelatin

Better Bears offers an uncompromised gummy bear texture without the gelatin. Gelatin is traditionally derived from animals and is known for giving gummies their chewy texture. Today, gelatin is no longer needed to create the perfect gummy texture people know and love. We’re plant-based and compatible with a vegan lifestyle. You can tuck into a bag (or more!), no holds barred. 

A Sweet Treat without Artificial Food Dyes 

Some foods dyes like tartrazine (Yellow 5) are known possible carcinogens, and yet still widely used in sweet treats such as gummies. We’re proud to offer an alternative, colorful and fun snacking experience (in traditional cherry, raspberry, strawberry, zesty lime, orange, and pineapple flavors) using only natural food colors derived from fruits and vegetables. 

There’s a Better Bear in town

Calling all carefree candy lovers! We’re proud to offer indulgent snacking that doesn’t end with a sugar crash, tummy ache or remorse. We’re committed to ingredient transparency, modernizing classic candy into healthful alternatives, and creating guilt free candy without compromise in taste and quality. It’s time to up your snack gaming! Enjoy Better Bears on your own or with friends, on the go or at home, after the gym or while streaming your fave show! 

We offer free shipping and 10% off on all orders when you join our subscription plan. Happy snacking!